Planning and consultancy services for radio pharmacies

From green field to batch release

Our team will assist you with the realization project of your radiopharmaceutical facility, starting from the design phase, with great competence and in full compliance with the GMP requirements.

Radiopharmaceutical Production

We are a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified pharmaceutical facility authorized by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA).

We produce radiopharmaceuticals for imaging diagnostics, which detect diseases in the fields of oncology, neurology and cardiology.

Services and products for Radiopharmaceuticals and Nuclear Medicines

Qualifications and validations, microbiological tests and radionuclide purity tests.

Itelpharma performs qualification activities and makes its analysis laboratories available for development as well as chemical and microbiological quality control activities.

Itelpharma has joined


Theranostic Radiopharmaceuticals Network

A network of independent radio pharmacies (TheRaNet) which collectively aim to conceive new molecules, test them (through pre-clinical and clinical experimentation) and obtain relevant marketing authorization.

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