Easy kit

it for execution of environmental
microbiological sampling

Scope: the EASY kit performs periodical environmental microbiological monitoring of rooms, isolator, laminar flow hoods and cells. The kit is sent to the Nuclear Medicine Department requesting it; sampling is carried out autonomously following the guidelines supplied and in accordance with the training received (on demand). At the end the kit is withdrawn and the samples gathered are incubated in order to assess microbial contamination. This kit makes it possible to fulfil the requirements of the “Standards for Good Preparation of Radiopharmaceuticals for Nuclear Medicine” in an easy, effective and autonomous way.

Description of product: the EASY kit consists in a certified “Iso-transport” thermal bag which maintains the samples inside at a controlled temperature of +2/+8 °C. The kit contains contact plates which make it possible to monitor superficial contamination in the critical positions established by the Nuclear Medicine Department, sedimentation plates to monitor environmental microbial contamination by detecting contaminating agents by falling (sedimentation ), and plates for dynamic sampling monitor the microbial contamination present in the volume unit (1 m^3) representing the entire volume to be monitored.

Service for incubation/reading and drafting of analysis certificate:the kit includes delivery of the kit to the Nuclear Medicine Department and withdrawal ensuing sampling, the incubation service, collection of results and dispatching relative certificate. At the end of sampling at the Nuclear Medicine Department, all of the plates used will be sent to ITELPHARMA which will take care of incubating the samples at the temperatures recommended by Pharmacopeia. When the tests have been completed, the analysis certificate containing test results will be issued.

Content of the Easy kit:

  • Certified “Iso-transport” thermal bag for refrigerated transport +2/+8 °C

  • Sterile sedimentation plates (Ø= 90 mm) with TSA culture medium packed in triple casing

  • Sterile contact plates (Ø= 55 mm) with TSA culture medium packed in triple casing

  • Sterile dynamic control plates (Ø= 60 mm) with TSA medium ground packed in double casing

  • Steel autoclavable plate holders

  • Dynamic sampler

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