Environmental Monitoring

Microbiological and Radiological Monitoring of Classified Environments

Microbiological Monitoring

The microbiological monitoring of classified environments allows to assess the microbial concentration present in the air and on the surfaces of the environments according to GMP guidelines.

For the execution of the microbiological monitoring activity, ITELPHARMA’s microbiological quality control laboratory offers the supply of all the consumable requested by the customer to the execution of the sampling activities (eg contact plates which make it possible to monitor superficial contamination, sedimentation and dynamic sampling plates to monitor the air contamination, dynamic sampler).  Moreover, ITELPHARMA makes the Easy KIT designed for execution of environmental microbiological sampling.

At the end of the execution of the monitoring activities, all of the plates used may be shipped to ITELPHARMA that offers a service for incubation/reading of the plates and collection of results. The plates are incubating at the temperatures recommended by Pharmacopeia.

When the tests have been completed, the results of the analysis are delivered to the customer by way of a suitable analysis certificate.

Radiological Monitoring

For what concerns the activity of radiological monitoring of classified environments, ITEL is able to evaluate the environmental radioactivity in radiologically-risky environments.

Moreover, ITEL can design complete monitoring systems for Air, Environment and Sewage by means of the Monirad system. For more information please click here.

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