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Le nostre storie

Second production line and four new molecules for Itelpharma

They will provide to diagnose neurogenerative diseases. President Diaferia: “It gives me joy to see how many professional talents are growing in and with our company”

In 2015 Itelpharma division has generated a turnover of 2.8 million euros. In the near future, according to these innovations, we’ll assist to an increase of 25%. “Today’s milestone is the consistent outcome of the commitment from the past seven years of activity and this confirms we were right in the decision of giving birth to Itelpharma project since 2007 and above all in the investment we dedicated to the human resources. As an entrepreneur it gives me joy to see a lot of joung talents with very strong professional skills growing in the company and with the company. The future for us and maybe for the whole Southern Italy depends on this: to survive we must grow more and more in knowledge and skills, being able to face the challenges to be protagonists of tomorrow”, commented Leonardo Diaferia, Itel President.
The presence of a pharmaceutical workshop, however, not only represents the possibility of supplying the actual teragnostic medicines but also becomes a training for professionists. On November 4th, in the headquarter of Ruvo di Puglia, under the scientific direction of Professor Orazio Schillaci from Tor Vergata University of Rome, a free medical-scientific conference entitled “New perspectives of molecular imaging” will be held, which will be hosting speakers from all over Europe and the United States. The event is sponsored by the Professional Order of doctors and Dentists of Bari and by the National Association of Nuclear Medicine (Aimn).

The theme is the role of imaging techniques, which increasingly allow the monitoring of the molecular and functional alterations that precede the appearance of symptoms and morphological damage, with a focus on neuroendocrine tumors (the so-called Net) and neurodegenerative diseases. Speaking about these pathologies, Professor Schillaci observes: “Nuclear medical molecular imaging, particularly PET , plays a crucial clinical role today with prospects for further significant future developments. This appointment represents a useful opportunity for updating and for a debate among the medical-scientific community”.

2016-10-31 09:32:59