We have been developing our skills for over 10 years.

Radiopharmaceutical Specialists.

At Itelpharma we have completely managed the design and implementation of our radiopharmaceutical production facility with two cyclotrons and an in-house microbiological laboratory.

In over 10 years of activity, we have perfected our premises along with our full operations in research and radiopharmaceutical development. Above all, throughout this time, we have enhanced our scientific, technical, regulatory and commercial skills.

We provide complete services.

At Itelpharma we are able to follow the planned construction of a radiopharmaceutical production facility.

Itelpharma has brought together an exceptional team comprised of competent managers, engineers, chemists, biologists, physicists and technicians in the field of radiopharmaceuticals.

Thanks to this multidisciplinary team, we supply complete services and we are capable of following the planned construction of a radiopharmaceutical production facility from the design phase, up to the implementation works, the qualification and validation activities and the preparation of the quality system, with great competence and in full compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations.

what can we do for you?

We work with you to help you develop every process in the radiopharmaceutical field.

Planning and consulting services for radio pharmacies

Our team will assist you with the implementation project of your radiopharmaceutical facility, starting from the design phase, with great competence and in full compliance with the GMP requirements.

Radiopharmaceutical Production

We are a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified pharmaceutical facility authorized by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA).

Services and Products for Radiopharmaceuticals and Nuclear Medicines

Qualifications and validations, microbiological tests and radionuclide purity tests.

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